AMPLI 12 plus is the instrument that can provide the appropriate amplification of signals to direct at OMNI-12 system (Omnidirectional loudspeaker dodecahedron) and the loudspeaker unamplified NGS-1 (not-amplified directional loudspeaker).

Width 13.8 cm. - Depth 32.4 cm. - Height 21 cm.
Weight (with battery slot) 3.5 kg.
Weight (without battery slot) 1.2 kg.

The system is enclosed in a rugged metal enclosure in aeronautical aluminum, from really compact size.

The dual power supply - battery (with the using integrated power LI-PO batteries installed on request) makes AMPLI 12 plus extremely versatile even in those cases where it is not possible to access the electrical network or where the power cord can create connection problems or obstruction.

To make it even more independent AMPLI 12 plus Has a integrated pink/white noise generator. Also receives, through a dedicated input (6.3mm), external signals from other sources. The supplied remote control allows you to start / stop the system remotely.

The system AMPLI 12 plus contains in its internal:


The preamplifier is the heart of the system that allows you to:

• channeling and control the internal and external audio sources;

• control the gain of the audio sources (volume);

• Check with an LED exceeding the signal saturation threshold (overload).


Built-in preamp system we find the pink and white noise generator that, via a toggle switch allows you to choose and send to your amplifier one of the two available internal noise, pink and white.

The noise generation is performed by transistors polarized inversely, chosen and tested one by one, which allow to obtain a real generation of "random noise".


There are two power amplifiers in class "D" which provide to amplify each half of the twelve speakers of OMNI-12 plus systems (400 + 400 watts).

This solution has allowed to obtain, in reduced spaces, high power even with battery supply and the optimization of the heat dissipation.

The amplifiers also have the following self-resettable protection after the intervention:

• Thermal • Short circuit • Over current • Over signal


The entire system can operate on batteries, via a Lithium Polymer battery integrated in the same amplifier cabinet.

The battery unit (supplied on request) is charged to generate the energy needed for one hour of autonomy (pink noise at full power); Also the battery charger is contained inside the amplifier.

Transport bag with storage (Optional)

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