Frequency response: 75 Hz - 20 kHz ± 3 dB
limit low frequency -3 dB 65 Hz
limit low frequency: -6 dB 49 Hz
Sensitivity: 1 W @ 1 m: 95 dB SPL
Maximum output:
Continuous: 114 dB SPL; peak: 119 dB SPL
Rated impedance: 8 Ω
Power applied:
aes: 250 W; continuous: 155 W RMS
Nominal coverage angle (-6 dB):
Conical. waveguide

LF / MF speaker: 1 x 8 inches
HF speaker: 1 x 1-inch horn tweeter
Crossover: Passive 6/12 slope 3K5 Hz
Connectors: 1 x Speakon 4-pin and 1 x PowerKon (for use BAT02)
Material: Finnish birch plywood 15 mm
Finish: polyurethane paint scratchproof

Height: 43.0 cm
Length: 25.0 cm
: Width: 25.0 cm
Weight: 13 kg

The amplified directional Loudspeaker NGS-1A is an excellent tool, robust, autonomous and easily transportable capable of producing high sound pressure.

For this reason and for its outstanding qualities of directivity and power is particularly suitable for noise insulation measures, reverberation time etc ...

The dual power supply - battery (optional) makes the NGS-1A extremely versatile even in cases where there is no access to the electricity network or where the power cord can create connection problems or obstruction.

To make it even more independent there is a pink and white noise generator inside which, however, does not preclude the possibility of receiving external sources through the dedicated inputs (BNC and jack).

The NGS-1A system contains in its internal:


The integrated amplifier is the heart of the system on which they are channeled and controlled internal and external sources.

It provides of a gain signal control in use. The LED indicator lights up when exceeding the signal saturation threshold (overload)

They are included in the pre-amplifier two inputs “external line” in parallel (jack and BNC).


Built-in pre-amplifier are the pink and white noise generator system which, through a toggle switch, allowing you to choose and send to your amplifier one of the two available internallyA noises.


It contains a finale power in class "D " which amplifies the NGS-1 A system.

This solution has allowed to obtain, in reduced spaces, high power even with battery supply (optional) and the optimization of the heat dissipation without resorting to the use of cooling fans source of undesired noise.

The amplifier also has the following protections, self-resettable after the intervention:

- Thermal - Short circuit - Over current - Over signal


The entire system can operate on batteries and remote control, by simply connecting the appropriate dedicated connections, located on the console of the speaker system, with wires from the battery pack Mod. BAT-02.

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